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Chasing the Fourth Horse Dennis L. Price

Chasing the Fourth Horse

Dennis L. Price

Published June 18th 2009
Kindle Edition
286 pages
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 About the Book 

What Others Say: I enjoyed Chasing the Fourth Horse enormously. The plot was brilliant and moved along with both excellent as well as educational facts that in many cases I was not familiar with. There was never a dull moment from cover to cover. The characters in the book were presented in such a way that they became more real than your neighbors. One could feel they knew each individual as though they were acquaintances with which you had personal interaction. D. L. Price has a knack for portraying the characters and the plot in a way that makes the book come alive and you actually feel like you are a part of the story being told. It was extremely well thought out and well written and certainly something I could recommend to anyone. —Dr. Robert D. Dryden, University Professor, Former Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, Portland State UniversityChasing the Fourth Horse is a winner! D. L. Price has created a fast moving, action packed, futuristic novel which exudes an eerie magnetism. I could not put it down. He masterfully weaves his expert knowledge of nuclear waste with the imminent threat of terrorism and a wholesome view of Christian eschatology. I resonated with his more-than-life characters and kept being reminded that this could happen today. The hoofbeats of the Fourth Horse will be heard in the not so distant future. I anticipate Chasing the Fourth Horse to be a bestseller. —Dr. Ray Register (Dr. Register has authored four books on the Middle East. He lived there for thirty-nine years and is fluent in Arabic. His book Dialogue and Interfaith Witness with Muslims is in its ninth printing.)Author Bio: Dr. Price received his PhD from Texas A and M University, College of Engineering. He is professor emeritus of industrial and systems engineering at Virginia Tech, where he served as the director of the Human Factors Engineering Center. He holds a master of arts in philosophy of religion and a master of divinity in theology from the American Baptist Seminary of the West, Berkeley, California. He is an ordained minister. He also holds a master of arts in psychology, from California State University at Long Beach.He is the co-author of a widely used textbook on safety engineering. He has published hundreds of scientific and technical reports and journal articles. For many years, he served on the editorial board of Human Factors, a scientific journal.He is listed in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and has received many national awards and recognitions from professional societies. He received two presidential citations for integrity and ability—one from President Ronald Reagan and the other from President George H. W. Bush. They each appointed him to a serve one of two successive terms on the United States Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board, after being nominated by the National Academy of Sciences. For many years, he was chairman of the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board Committee on the Transportation of Hazardous Materials.