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Wicked Warlock K.C. Hughes

Wicked Warlock

K.C. Hughes

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Deakon Metcalf, a sixteen year old bumbling, stuttering nerd has been bullied all his life. One day in class, he sides with Karri McDill, the captivating and refreshing girl he’s been secretly admiring and offends her ex-boyfriend. The subsequent beating lands him in the hospital. A mysterious bracelet is anonymously left at his bedside. When he puts it on, strange things begin to happen. His bruises heal, his stuttering is gone and he grows a whopping seven inches.Deakon and Karri journey to his birthplace, Germany, to find answers about what hes become. When the few leads they have come to a dead end, they stumble upon a 16th century church and meet Loro, a man who knows Deakon. They discover that Deakon was conceived from a four-hundred-year-old curse. And they uncover a secret thats been kept from mankind for hundreds of years.