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Zmote dijaka Tjaža Florjan Lipuš

Zmote dijaka Tjaža

Florjan Lipuš

Published 1992
ISBN : 9783851290578
181 pages
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 About the Book 

With its echoes of fellow Austrian novelist Robert Musils novella Young Torless, and of Gunter Grasss The Tin Drum, Florjan Lipu s Young Tja, first published in 1972, helped moved the critique of Germanic Europes fundamental social conformity into the postwar age. But Lipu, a member of the Slovene ethnic minority indigenous to Austrias southernmost province of Carinthia, wrote his novel in Slovene and aimed it not just at Austrian societys hidebound clericalism, but also at its intolerance of the ethnic other in its midst. When Austrian novelist and fellow Carinthian Peter Handke resolved in the late 1970s to explore his Slovene roots, the first book he picked up was Lipu s Young Tja, which served as his Badeker through the Slovene language, and which he faithfully translated into German and published in 1981.