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As the Wheels Turn Diana Storm

As the Wheels Turn

Diana Storm

Published October 3rd 2005
ISBN : 9781412063647
280 pages
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 About the Book 

Diana and her husband, Allen, had a joint mid-life crisis and decided to give up their office jobs to become an Over the Road (or Long Haul) truck driving team. The book cronicles their adventures and experiences in this profession. It follows them thru the life disruption of putting everything they owned into storage- the nightmares of Truck Driving School- the deeper nightmares of training to become professional truck drivers and finally once they got back together both the good and bad times they had to tolerate from shippers, receivers and dispatchers. If you think that you know it all about this profession from watching TV or going to movies you are wrong. If you have ever wondered how all that stuff in the stores gets there, this book is a MUST READ If you or someone you know are seriously considering becoming a long haul (over the road) truck driver this book is a MUST READ